As we all know that a Hundred Riel saved is a Hundred Riel earned, so by bearing this card, you now save point for the amount of 10$ = 1 point that you going to purchase at Combi Shop to your name. It is a greatest saving for you and your family under your name. Please treasure it, and you will find out in the future that a little saving will make you as an esteemed the little Saver-Upper. With the points which you have saved, you are able to deduct some prices of the total amount on Combi`s products which you are buying at Combi Shops.  

The point will be calculated through:

20 points = 5$

30 points = 10$

40 points = 15$

50 points = 20$


-1 year


-None Transferrable

-None Continuity (The point has to be started from zero when reissue requested)

-No Cash payment will be made by the company either in a part or in a full.

-The Company will not responsible for any loss.

-This offer cannot be clubbed with other shop outlet listed here.

Application Form:


-Work Place:


-Cell Phone:

-Home Phone:


-Number of Family:

-Children Age:

-Pregnancy Due Date: