Collaboration with Combi Plaza Headquarters in Japan

Since 2001, the Combi Corporation group, one of the leading Japanese enterprises in baby product & service industry, has opened 15 nurseries and has taken care of thousands of children to date. CPBR can take advantage of their ample experience and accumulated know-hows as one of global affiliates of Combi Plaza.

Other advantages of CPBR include access to the latest information related to childcare and health which is constantly updated by expert practitioners of Combi Plazas in Japan.


Cooperation with accredited doctor and dentist

Twice a year, regular medical and dental examinations are conducted for all students by an accredited doctor and a dentist at the CPBR premise so that we are fully aware the physical conditions and the level of development. A CPBR nurse keeps health records of all students, and makes periodical reports to parents.

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