We welcome you to Combi Plaza school in Cambodia.

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The Company


Welcome to Combi Plaza International Pre- School’s official website! Combi Plaza International Pre-School is the first of its kind in Cambodia. It is the culmination of 2 strongly backed companies: Combi Plaza Nursery & Kindergarten in Japan and LHT Capital Co., Ltd. in Cambodia. Combi Plaza is a well-known and highly reputable name in Japan’s Tokyo metropolitan area and has been in the baby care and pre-school space for over 18 years now with over 16 pre-schools in Tokyo. Combi Plaza is affiliated with Combi baby products which is one of Japan’s leading brand names in child safety and baby goods and has over 60 years of child care related experience in its history. LHT Capital Co., Ltd. or popularly identified by the Lucky Supermarket business in Cambodia, wanted to give back to the community by bringing to the Cambodian people, a quality pre-school Education system. The Combi Plaza concept inculcates in its students a sense of Morality, an exposure to healthy eating and dietary education as well as a sense of Environmental awareness. This concept was an instant appeal to what the Lucky Group was looking to provide. Thus, the collaboration led to the opening of Combi Plaza International Pre-School in Cambodia in November 2014. The Combi Plaza offering is an International Pre- School for students between the ages of 18 months and 6 years with International teachers from across the world, using all the years of experience, stringent safety standards, technological convenience and teachings of Japan to impart a UK based IEYC Curriculum in English as its medium of study. Strategically located at the corner of St.51 and St.214, CPIPS is conveniently accessible, yet comfortably secluded to be a safe and suitable location for a nursery and kindergarten with a convenient drive-in drop-off zone keeping in mind the safety of little children. The school campus can accommodate up to 120 students with enough place for all of them to play, learn, partake in physical education classes, learn music, cook, swim, rest, learn to be fluent in English, make friends and get maximum benefit from our early years’ development programme. Every experience at Combi Plaza International Pre-School is made a personal one. We aspire to have every child who graduates from our school feeling confident, exposed to various cultures, morally tuned, able to choose healthy food options and be aware of the environment we live in. Making them ready for primary school and all that the world has to offer!

Mission & Goals

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Our Mission

Sharing the joy of children’s births, CPIPS supports the successful start of their journeys of life. CPIPS creates warm and welcoming atmosphere as a second home to children.

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Students will become able to gain ability to live the present in the best way, and to create their desirable future.

The Management

Michi Okamoto: CPIPS Principal Nationality: Japanese

Principal Okamoto is an experienced and long-time employee of Combi Plaza in Tokyo of 15 years and a total of more than 30 years as a nursery / kindergarten teacher in Japan. With special certification from Japan for Nursery and Kindergarten, Principal Okamoto has expertise in childcare and education for children as young as 2-months to 6-years-old. She was invited especially by Combi Plaza Japan to come to Cambodia to lead the team and to maintain our school’s childcare and teaching standards.

Certificate: Nursery School Teacher Certificate, Kindergarten Teacher Certificate

Mythili Chengapa School Operations Manager Nationality: Indian (Mixed ethnicity)

Mythili Chengapa comes from an Advertising & Media Background and has upto 8 years experience in this field. As a mother of 2 young preschoolers, this profession is very relevant to her in her own life. She hence understands the concerns relating to both parents and students alike. Her natural interest toward all things creative and her flair for language makes her a natural fit in this position and she acts as the bridge between all cultures at this multi-cultural set up. She will be your go-to person for all things related to Administration of the school.

Cheryl Nacole Smith: CPIPS Head Teacher Nationality: American

With over 20 years of teaching experience, Teacher Nacole is a powerhouse of talent and has a deep understanding of how best to deal with very small children in a soft and endearing way. She has taught in the United States, Thailand and Cambodia. She is very animated and children are instantly drawn towards her by her interesting and fun personality.

Teachers Background

The Staff