We welcome you to Combi Plaza school in Cambodia.

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Admission Admission


1. Parents & Prospective Student Interview An interaction with parents and student with the Principal will help enable assessment on their abilities, their understanding of what others say, self-expression, observation, and individual character. For prospective students who are not fluent in English, the alternative languages to be used during the interview will be either Khmer or Japanese.
2. Submission of Application Form All prospective students aged from 18 months to five years old need to complete and submit an Application Form. A copy of the Application Form is available in the Information Package, which can also be obtained by visiting CPIPS Administration Office or by sending us an e-mail at cpbr.admissions@combi.com.kh
3. Admission If an appropriate class is already full, the student will be placed on a wait-list. As soon as there is vacancy, the student will be offered enrollment according to the wait-list priority. A student who wishes to enroll at CPIPS must complete and submit an Application Form. Along with the Application Form, the following materials must also be submitted one week prior to student attendance:
  • –    A copy of student’s Birth Certificate
  • –    A copy of Immunization Record
  • –    3 Passport size photographs of the parents/guardian and any others authorised person who will pick-up the student
  • –    A copy of Passport of the Student (If available)
  • –    Family certificate (Cambodian Families Only)
  • –    Other medical documents that are important to student’s health in case of emergency (if any)
4. Tuition And Fees
5. Info Pack
  1. Admission Procedure
  2. Application Form
  3. Fee Form
  4. All About Us
  5. Principal’s Message
  6. CPIPS’s Calendar