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Combi Plaza Boeung Rang (CPBR) is the first nursery/kindergarten facility in Cambodia as an affiliate of Combi Plaza, a well-known Japanese nursery chains that widely operate in Japan’s Tokyo metropolitan area for more than 10 years. Making the most of our accumulated know-how and experience in childcare, we are confident that all students and parents will enjoy what CPBR has to offer at our cozy second home.

Practices at CPBR are in line with stringent Japanese childcare standards, assuring the first-class safety and security for all students. Located at the corner of Streets 214 and 51, CPBR is comfortably secluded to realize an ideal setting for a nursery/kindergarten, which can provide room to easily accommodate 120 students aged 18 months to five years, so that they are able to play, study and rest to their hearts’ content.
We also put an emphasis on English learning in the early years. All CPBR staff members speak English during school hours, and English classes are taught by native English speaking teachers. Through these practices and immersion, students are expected to acquire the language without difficulties.
Above are just a few examples of what we can offer at CPBR.
Please join our CPBR promotion events and orientations for more information and hands-on experience. You can also make an inquiry to us via e-mail or telephone.
We look forward to hearing from you!
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